Life Coaching

“It is only in your thriving that you have anything to offer anyone” 
- Abraham Hicks

Life Coaching is an interactive process of self-discovery and improvement that will help you overcome whatever is holding you back from creating the life you want. This is an empowering and action based process that is positive, inspiring and powerful! Life Coaching offers techniques and tools to assist individuals to create positive new habits, routines and thought patterns that help rather than hinder them in life, business and relationships. This is not a therapy but rather a way of living. Effectively, successfully, happily and above all, true to you.  

My focus is on helping you discover who you really are, find your life purpose and guide you in building the positive habits and attitudes to create it.  My goal is to inspire people to live consciously and create the life they want to live.   

I combine my NLP training with my Life Coach training in sessions and workshops as I find them to be very complimentary and highly effective together. My model of Equine Assisted Coaching is based on my knowledge of NLP and Life Coaching to create a powerful process with horses as the facilitators.