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What Our Clients Say

“There are people that are born with a gift to change people’s lives, and Sharyna has that gift. I first met Sharyna when she attended my life coach training course. She is one of the youngest coaches I have trained and one of the most capable. I rarely endorse people, but after attending Sharyna’s equine coaching workshop I highly recommend her to you. Even though I am very self-aware I was still able to learn so much about myself and the habits that take me off track during her equine workshop. I highly recommend Sharyna as a life coach, equine coach and as a teacher/trainer.”
Anne Hartley, Sydney Founder Hart Life Coaching Author of Love the Life You Live, Life Lessons, Love Your Money Love Your Life
"I feel very blessed to have been able to work in this unique way with the very lovely Sharyna and Avalon who have been wonderful at guiding me, reflecting back to me, and bringing to light hidden thought forms and patterning that have holding me back in life.  The equine assisted coaching sessions are multi-faceted working over the many levels of physical, emotional, and expanded spiritual consciousness. What an experience! Give it a go you will be amazed."
Fay H., Adelaide
"Sharyna does not HAVE a gift, she IS a gift. For someone of her tender years, she encapsulates a wisdom far beyond those years. Along with this, her way with horses lends itself to creating a space for self-exploration in the presence of these majestic creatures who also bring their healing powers into play. It is a winning combination. I have personally experienced insight from being with Sharyna and one of her therapy horses. When I thought there were no more tears to be cried, no more buried thoughts…well, there they were, hiding, till Sharyna and Bubbles the horse brought them out. So, if you are experiencing any of life's challenges, if you want a deeper connection with your own horse, if you want to get to the bottom of some issue (and you don't have a horse or would like the opportunity of working with another horse) then come and let one of Sharyna's horses choose you to work with and for you. I can highly recommend it."
Jan Dodds, Adelaide Hills
"I started with Life Coaching and got wonderful results after being depressed for two years. Then this year I started Equine Therapy and it just blew me away, the results were instant. I have come so far in my journey thanks to Sharyna. She has a very special talent and I love Marquis."
Meegan Quarry, Murray Bridge
“I had the blessing of spending a wonderful day with Sharyna and her beautiful horses. It was a very powerful day as my reflection of myself was challenged and recognised whilst working with these beautiful animals. I stepped up another step on my ladder and pushed through a personal barrier with the assistance of the beautiful powerful Avalon. I no longer fear power, I embrace it. Thank you and your ponies for sharing your beautiful gift with the world.”
Lucinda Jones, Newcastle
"I really enjoyed everything that was in the day. The most wonderful part of partnering with horses is that we can't fake it or hide things from them as they work energetically. I learnt the importance of being present and having intention and saw the reflection of those states mirrored back by the horses. They let me know when I was in the present moment with clear intention and when I wasn't. Trust came up for me and I learnt how important being in alignment is and congruence. Together with Sharyna’s knowledge and skills and the horses it was a fantastic partnership and great to see her working with the horses to let us know things we were missing or maybe not understanding from the horses, it was like she was helping to translate. Sharyna is a really talented coach with a special gift and her knowledge of horses together is such a powerful combo. It was a really great workshop, professional and enjoyable! Opening up a lot of things for me and got me thinking. I love that when we partner with horses the messages and lessons are not just on the day and things will surface after as well."
Gemma Mack, W.A.