my motto in life & horsemanship is simple...

Treat others how you would like to be treated

I do not do to any person, horse or animal anything that I would not happily have done to me.

The Philosophy

Our philosophy is that we are all made up of an internal self (mental/emotional) an external self (physical) and a higher self (spiritual) and these 3 systems are interconnected in a cycle of being. You cannot have one without the other and they all equally impact on each other. This means that if one is not in synchronicity with the other/s you will experience dis-ease in some form to reflect this. 
With this in mind, our approach is based on a threefold system that addresses and incorporates all the aspects of your person to deliver a complete package of wholeness. I use and study ancient spiritual principles, NLP, life coaching, meditation and Equine Therapy to effectively work with all the systems that create the whole. We also believe in getting out in nature and helping people connect to everything around them as much as possible to promote true and lasting health on all levels. I believe a good system is a whole system and we must look at, and work with the entire system to create long lasting and meaningful results.